1994-1995 Physics - University of Copenhagen
1995-1997 Electrical Engineering - Technical University of Denmark
2000- Electrical and Software Engineering - Aalborg University

Projects at Aalborg University

2000 "Real-time Acoustic Measurement System": PC based software with graphical user interface for audio signal generation and analysis.
2001 "Detection of Exudates in Retinal Images using Digital Image Analysis and Supervised classification methods": Medical image analysis for early detection of complications arising from diabetes.
2001 "A Study in Synchronisation of Distributed Interaction With Static 3D Brain Models via the Internet": Synchronisation mechanisms for online interactive medical conferencing using 3D brain models.
2002 "3D Tracking of Fish": 3D Real-time tracking of the individual fish in a school for laboratory experiments in marine biology.
2002- "Gesture Based Interface for Mobile Augmented Reality and Wearable Computers": Master thesis on hand tracking and gesture recognition using a head mounted camera with unknown background and lighting. Extending CONDENSATION (Monte Carlo methods) tracking to work with a non-static camera.

Experimentarium 1995-2000

1995-2000 Exhibition Pilot
1996-2000 A/V Pilot
1997-2000 Electronics and Software design and implementation for numerous exhibits involving microcontrollers, analog and digital electronics, interfacing, sensors, assembly and C programming, prototyping and PC Windows programming. Major projects include:
"Musical Hopscotch" an interactive dance floor with MIDI output
"The Brain Exhibit" Several embedded controllers hard- and software
"Seven Bottles" play with binary numbers and water for Expo98. Controlling a large number of solenoid valves, lights and water level sensors. Building a watertight and robust system.
"Measure Your Reaction Time" PC software and interface and sensing hardware
"Goal Kick" A sensing football/handball goal using vibration sensors to determine where the ball hits the goal.
"Face Recognition" Exhibit based on Visionics face recognition technology with a growing face database and multiple clients.
"Balance!" Balancing board with build in game. Optimised for long battery life.
1999 Kick off meeting Danish Science Festival

Exhibitions and installations

1997 Phone delay machine for Maurizio Cattelan at the exhibition Art Calls at Gallery Nicolai Wallner

Sea of Tranquility

2001 Camp Electric


2001- Developing software for live video performance used in MOTORSAW visuals
2001 Live video at Bim Bam Labelnight 01 Studenterhuset Aalborg
2001 Live video Groove Armada Studenterhuset Aalborg
2001 Live Video Camp Electric
2001 Live video Intercosmos 2001 Studenterhuset Aalborg
2001 Live Visuals at kick off meeting for the Danish Science Festival
2002 Live video at 2 Tekno Sumpen events
2002 Live video guest performance Understøm
2002 Visuals at the opening of the Danish science festival at Main auditorium University of Copenhagen
2002 Live Audiovisual performance at FABRIK

Other Experiences

1999- Participating in the annual robotics competition RoboCup at DTU 1st place in 2000 and 2001 7th place in 1999 and 2002
2001-2002 Teaching assistant in "System Architecture and integration" and "Mathematics 1" Aalborg University
1992- SCUBA diving
Been member of the youth theatre group Gawenda since age 9. Participated in a large number of plays both as actor and technician
Travelled in Nepal, Papua New Guinea and other far away places