MOTORSAW is Lau Nørgaard and Sune Petersen, who have been collaborating since 1996.

They met in Experimentarium where both have been working as exhibition pilots and in R&D creating new exhibits.

MOTORSAW has contributed to the creative contents and smooth running of the kick off meeting preceding the danish science festival, as well as the opening of the festival itself in the years 1999 trough to present day.

In the summer of 2000 They moved to Aalborg Denmark to complete their Computer engineering studies at the university of Aalborg.

In Aalborg they have been part of the electronic scene in Studenterhuset. They have made live 3D video performance on several occations, including Bim Bam label night and Groove armada.

MOTORSAW is collaborating with the danish mutimediacollective Sea of Tranquility, and were performing as part of Sea of Tranquility at the Camp Electric festival summer 2001

During the fall of 2001 MOTORSAW made the visuals at the main stage at the Intercosmos 2002 Electronic festival, featuring DJ's from Renaissance - Anthony Pappa and Nigel Dawson, As well as local DJ's from Bim Bam house label and detroit DJ's Christian Bloch and Bo Vestergaard.

Spring of 2002 also featured two performances at Teknosumpen in 1000fryd Aalborg.

Summer 2002 a guest performance was arranged at last minutes notise at the Understrøm project.

September 2002 brought The opening of the danish Science festival 2002.

October 2002 MOTORSAW performed using live audio and video at the FABRIK exhibition at Nordjyllands kunstmuseum